Canon T6i Review: The best entry-level DSLR in 2018?

Is this the best Rebel in the market? Looking at its features, the answer may be a Yes. Canon Rebel T6i has quite a number of similarities with its counterpart Rebel T6s. The similarities are in terms of the internal components and to some extent, their performance. However, each of them has its specific groups of users. The external features of the two cameras are designed to meet the needs of different groups. However, the photo and video quality of the two cameras are almost equal. In this review, we will cover specific features of Canon T6i then compare it with its counterpart T6s.

Canon T6i features

Let’s dive into specific features of Canon T6i, and you will decide whether they meet your photography needs.

Wi-Fi and NFC Connection

Canon rebel T61 is Wi-Fi enabled and uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology system. These two communication features make it possible for the camera to be connected to a Smartphone or a tablet. The existence of a seamless communication protocol comes in handy when you want to share some files or operate the camera from a remote location. The NFC technology also makes it possible to connect two Canon T6i cameras. All you have to do is touch the NFC logos on the cameras to transfer images from one camera to another without any delays or interference.

24 MP APS-C sensors

The camera uses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor. So far, this is the highest that canon has ever produced. It is a major improvement from the 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor that has been around for quite a number of years. The 24MP value puts Canon at the same level to Sony and Nikon which also have the same value. This can end up causing some ripples in the market.


Minimal changes have been done on Canon T6i regarding sensitivity. Just like the older version T5i, the T6i has a sensitivity ranging between ISO 100-12,800. In addition to that, the camera provides an expansive setting of ISO 25,000, which is excellent for dim conditions. Even with the 24MP, you may still experience some level of noise at ISO 3200 and 6400. The best solution for this is to magnify your artifacts to highlight all the details, especially in dim light.


For video shooting, the camera maintains a native setting of ISO6400 although it can be expanded to 12,800. Canon has stuck with the 1080/30p videos despite the fact that most of its rivals have moved to 1080/60p video capture. Regardless of this, the quality of the videos that the camera produces is entirely satisfactory. The only problem is that the quality deteriorates with a slight change of the lighting. Rebel T6i delivers quality videos in bright sunshine. Regarding video, the camera scores average marks due to its variation in performance.


The Rebel T6i uses Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF III system which comes with face detection and tracking capabilities. This system also comes with a Flexi Zone-Multi and FlexiZone-Single modes. These features manifest themselves when you set the camera on a Live View mode. The feature is quite an improvement from the older versions of the cameras that have the CMOS AF II.

Rebel T6i does not have a Servo autofocus option in the Live View as its counterpart rebel T6s. This means that the focus won’t adjust automatically depending on the changes of the distance. This feature is compensated by the Continuous Live option which adjusts in slow motion even when the shutter is not pressed. You can activate it when shooting videos.

19-Point Phase-detect system

Canon T6i has a 19-point phase-detect AF system that is activated when you are taking photographic shots through a viewfinder. You can set the AF point manually, or you can leave the camera to decide a perfect point among the given 19 options. For the manual selection, you have to choose between Zone AF modes or Single point mode. For the Zone AF, you will be required to select among the five clusters of points. The single point mode gives you the freedom to choose among the 19 that are available to you.

Design and build

Canon made some slight changes in the build of the Rebel T61 as compared to its predecessor T5i. The camera is built of a sturdy aluminum alloy and polycarbonate resin. Its body also features a glass fiber, which enhances the tenacity of the camera. It makes it feel strong and durable, an attribute that is rare with most entry-level DSLR. True to their word, the camera does not break even when subjected to tight grips.

The body of T6i features a texture coating that enhances the grip on the camera. It also has a small thumb grip on its back, to improve handling.


T6i features a 3.0-inch TFT touchscreen. It also has physical buttons that allow you to perform different control actions. You can use both the buttons and the touchscreen to perform different actions. It all depends on your preference. The camera features an optical viewfinder and has a pentamirror design that is capable of showing at least 95% of the scene.


  • Quick and easily accessible control panel, thanks to the presence of the exposure compensation button
  • The 19 autofocus points make it easy for you to manually choose an ideal point
  • Has an effective resolution of 24 MP
  • Unlimited connection due to its capabilities to connect to Wi-Fi and NFC
  • The ergonomic design of the camera makes it easy to handle
  • Built of durable material that can survive slightly harsh conditions


  • Has a small viewfinder
  • 30p video-quality is quite low

Alternative to Canin T6i

A perfect alternative to Canon T6i is its companion Rebel T6s. Although they have a wide range of similarities, T6s tends to compensate the weaknesses of T6i as it is packed with sophisticated features that are ideal for shooting movies, including microphone jack and exposure control.


Canon T6i is an excellent entry-point DSLR camera that you can use to take a variety of photos and videos. It is an ideal option for a photographer who is looking for a compact camera that can deliver excellent image quality.

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