Nikon D3400 vs Canon T6i Comparison Review

The Nikon D3400 and the Canon T6i are two amazing digital cameras that offer incredible features to the users. These two cameras were released to the public in August 2016 and February 2015 respectively. As much as both cameras have some different features to offer, they also have some resembling features. Both of them are Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras that are equipped with an APS-C sensor. They also have a camera resolution of 24 megapixels. This article offers you a comprehensive review of both cameras and which one is better than the other.

Design Comparison

Nikon D3400 vs Canon T6i size comparison

Both Nikon D3400 and Canon T6i offer a light and small design. However, the Nikon D3400 is a bit smaller in size than Canon T6i by around 9%. Also, the D3400 is lighter than the T6i by about 20%. Nikon D3400 weighs 22 ounces while the Canon T6i weighs 27 ounces. One of the most notable features in the T6i is its movable LCD screen. The camera has taken a step ahead by offering
touch functionality. Both cameras offer amazing resolution though the T6i is a bit better.

Both the T6i and the D3400 offers the user a simpler shooting experience. They have done this by featuring fewer controls and buttons on the cameras. The user greatly relies on the menu selection and the automatic settings while shooting. Both Nikon D3400 and Canon T6i offers a single primary dial. For the D3400, the dial is located on the rear near the thumb grip while for the T6i it’s located on the top of the shutter release.

Shooting performance comparison

Both these cameras offer a shooting speed of five times per second. However, there are still some few differences in relation to that. When it comes to the T6i, it offers a better mirror mechanism and its viewer blackout time is just 0.09 seconds. The viewer blackout time is the time when the user will not be able to see anything on the camera when he or she is taking a caption. On the other hand, the D3400 has a blackout time of 0.2 seconds. This might not look like a very big difference, but it’s enough for the user to notice.

Both these cameras have a different number of photographs they can be able to take before it gets the buffer to fills up and you are required to take a break for data writing out. The D3400 can be able to take 12 photos of raw before the buffer fills up. The T6i can only take 6. However, when you set the camera in a shooting mode known as JPEG, the T6i has the ability to shoot for very many photos while the D3400 can only shoot 100 photos.

When it comes to autofocus system, the T6i is much better than the D3400. This is because the T6i has an advanced autofocus system. It has 19 cross-type AF sensors. The sensors help it to offer incredible performance when tracking subjects and focusing upon. On the other hand, there is only a single cross-type AF sensor in the D3400, which is located at the center.

Sensor Comparison

Canon T6i vs Nikon D3400 performance comparison

One main factor that determines the image quality in a camera is the size of the sensor. A sensor that is large in size will have larger individual sensors that enable the camera to give better low-light sensitivity. It also helps the camera to have a richer depth of color and wider dynamic range. In addition, a camera that has a large sensor allows the user to have more control over the depth-of-field. This feature enables
the photographer to be able to eliminate any unwanted objects in the background.

Both cameras feature an APS-C sensor, though they slightly differ in size. The D3400 has a slightly bigger sensor of around 11%. As a result of the difference in sensor size, the cameras have the following format factors. The T6i has a format factor of 1.6 while the D3400 has a format factor of 1.5. Both of them have a native aspect ratio of 3:2. This is the sensor width of sensor height.

As much as these cameras have got different sensors with the D3400 having a larger one, they have the same resolution of 24 megapixels. This means that the D3400 has larger individual pixel and lower pixel density. This gives it an upper hand in terms of the capacity to gather light. Moreover, the D3400 was released more recently. This means that it has some benefits in terms of incorporating better and advanced technology.


Beyond the design and the sensor, different cameras do offer a wide range of different features. The T6i offers better options when it comes to connectivity. This includes Wi-Fi connection and Near Field Communication (NFC). The D3400 only offers Bluetooth. If you prefer getting your photos from your camera without using a wire, then the T6i may be the best option for you. However, this will come at a cost on top of it. Bluetooth consumes less battery when you compare it to Wi-Fi. So, you would want to carry some additional batteries if you are carrying your T6i out for the day. The T6i includes a port where you can attach your microphone. It also has the ability to focus in a quick and accurate manner compared to the D3400. This is enabled by the sensor detect autofocus feature.

Bottom Line

Both these cameras are incredible and offer an awesome photographing experience. Though when you compare the price of these two cameras, the T6i is more expensive than the D3400. So, if the price is your main motivator, the D3400 might be your best option. The reason why the T6i is more expensive than the D3400 is that it offers some additional features that aren’t present in the D3400. However, at the end of the day, both these cameras will get your job done admirably.

Depending on the Amazon reviews from different customers, the D3400 is more preferred by most customers compared to the T6i. This is mainly because of the many benefits including the low price that comes with the D3400. However, different photographers will prefer different features in different cameras. I hope the guide above will help you make an informed decision about what you want.

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