Canon T6i vs T7i Comparison Review

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Canon T6i vs T7i is a very interesting topic anything camera lover would consider dabbling into especially if they are in search a new camera. Asides the obvious similar impressive specs both camera possess, their release dates are not too far apart. Canon T6i and T7i were released in the February of 2015 and 2017 respectively. The T7i exactly 2 years after the release of the T6i version. It is only natural to imagine that Canon T7i was the predestined successor of the T6i version.
Both cameras are DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflective) cameras and have a special APS-C sensor. When it comes to resolution, both T6i and T7i boast of 24 Megapixels (an impressive resolution for a modern-day camera). Though these great cameras have a lot of features in common there some slight differences in terms of design, specifications and general structural makeup. This article aims to highlight these differences and help you make the right choice between these cameras.

Physical Differences

Canon T6i vs T7i

Canon T6i weighs slightly more than the T7i version. It weighs approximately 552g while the T7i version weighs 532g. This difference is negligible hence most users won’t notice the difference at first glance or usage. But when it comes to measurement (width and length), the difference becomes more obvious. T6i’s width and length measurements (front view) of 78mm/3.1″ suggest that it is slightly bigger than the T7i which has a 76mm/3″ measurement. This difference is also noticed when the width and length measurements of the rear view and are put into consideration.

With this in mind, it is important to note that both Canon T6i and T7i are not weather sealed.

While the measurements highlighted above are accurate, they may be subject to change when the interchangeable lenses required by both cameras are brought into the whole setup. Also, both cameras feature the same lens mount.

Sensor Differences

Canon T7i vs T6i sensor difference

Image sensors are probably the most important part of the digital cameras. The larger the sensor, the better quality of the picture captured by the camera. This means also that large sensors will have large individual pixels that will, in turn, produce better low-light sensitivity, color depth and dynamic range than smaller sensors though they are carved from the same technology. Large sensors also give photographers better control over depth-in-field in the image and create a platform to successfully separate the subject from its background. However, despite the advantages of larger sensors, they are expensive and tend to make cameras and lenses bigger and heavier than they should really be.

When it comes to Canon T6i vs T7i, they both parade an APS-C sensor and have a crop/format factor of 1.6. These specifications mean that the cameras under review have sensors that will rank as medium-sized sensors. This was done to probably strike the balance between image quality and overall camera portability.

Both cameras also have a native aspect ratio (ratio between sensor height and weight) of 3.2.

The similarity between these cameras expands further than just the scope of sensor size, they also share the same resolution. However, T7i was made 2 years after the release of the T6i. Hence, T7i may have some technological Input that will probably not be found in Canon T6i.

Regardless of this difference, both cameras have sensors that are capable of capturing still pictures, and impressive video footages (the same required for movie specifications).

Feature Differences

Canon t7i vs Canon T6i

So far, we have established that both T6i and T7i share similar sensor and some physical attributes. However, features in these cameras could differ. But before we go into all that, it is important to note that both cameras under review have an optical viewfinder. This allows modern cameras to get clear images for framing even if they were taken in a brightly lit environment.

When it comes to Canon T6i vs T7i, the features are quite similar. The only difference between them can be seen in the shutter flap timing. When measured by 1/sec, the T6i has a value of 5.0 while T7i has a value of 6.0. The close nature of these values clearly demonstrates the close similarity in the model designs.

However, Canon T6i is not readily available in the market or online stores currently. Only pre-owned versions can be found on eBay. This means that the T7i was a predestined successor of the T6i model though it was still very much available in the market at the time.

Which is Better?

From the argument presented above, which of the cameras is actually the better one? The information highlighted below should help you make your choice between the two cameras.

T7i Advantages

– Advanced technology: Though Canon T6i and T7i share a lot of features in, it is important to note that T7i is a recent model and would parade some level of advanced technology in the structuring of its internal and external components.

– Longer usage time: The T7i gives up to 600 shots from a single battery charge. While T6i will give a little over 440 shots per battery charge. This alone is enough reason to pick the T7i over the T6i.

– Faster Burst: Canon T7i captures decisive moments faster than a T6i model would. This is possible due to the camera’s shutter flap score of 6 which is superior to T6i’s 5.

T6i Advantages

The only advantage T6i has over T7i is the fact that it is an older camera model that will most likely attract discounts. Asides this, the T7i has superior specifications. However, the decision is yours to make.

Specifications and camera features have an influence when making a choice between cameras, photographers may have preferences when it comes to handling, and other physical conditions. As results image quality and longevity may differ.


Canon T6i vs T7i is a very close contest and it is a little difficult to separate them. However, a careful observation of the score highlighted in the entire article suggests that Canon T7i would be the best pick for any photographers. Theoretically, this would be the logical conclusion but favoritism, preferences, availability, and prices are important factors that may Influence the decision of any photographer.

Whichever one you choose, both cameras promise to be worth every penny spent on them and are capable of providing quality images and video footages consistently.

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