Top 10 Canon T6i Accessories to have in your gear

Canon has long been at the forefront of the camera industry, and the Canon T6i is one of the best cameras you will find on the market today. Having a great camera is an important first step but having the right accessories at your disposal will help to make your picture-taking all the better. Here are the best Canon T6i accessories that you will want to look into so you can add them to your arsenal.

Best Canon T6i Accessories Review

Canon Battery Pack LP-E17

Canon T6i accessory - Canon Battery Pack LP-E17

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The battery you use may be the most important thing you can have for your camera, so you want to make sure you select one that provides you with just what you need. The LP-E17 is designed with Canon cameras in mind, including the T6i. You can go for days using the battery for photos without the need for a charge so that you can get hundreds of the best shots you want. While taking video will use the battery faster, you still get great reliability and performance. The battery also does not use power when idle, helping conserve power so that it is there when you need it.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro Canon t6i Accessories

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While having a battery you can rely on is important, having the ability to store your photos and video is just as critical. The last thing you want is to see the dreaded “Disk Full” flashing before you just as you go to take an important picture or video. The SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro is the best memory card you will find, giving you ample storage capacity and great performance. You can store thousands of photos or hours of video, and the disks are highly affordable, making them a great deal for you.

Neweer TT560 Flash

Canon T6i Flash

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Having a quality flash for the camera is an important accessory. There will be times when those indoor shots or later in the day photos need the extra lighting a flash can provide and have a good flash at your disposal can help. Of course, many flash options can cost you hundreds of dollars, so finding one in your budget is as important as the flash’s function and reliability. The Neweer TT560 flash gives you everything you need at a fantastic price. The flash can rotate horizontally or vertically to give you the help you need.

Neweer 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector

Canon T6i light reflector

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If you are going to invest in a quality flash and do a lot of portraits or wedding photography, having a reflector will be a big help to you. You will want the ability to bounce the light off certain surfaces, so your pictures come out clear and beautiful, and the Neweer 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector can do just that for you. You will get much better shots with the warm colors you need, and this accessory, priced under twenty dollars, is well worth the investment to you.


Tripod for Canon T6i

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If you take pictures for your website or business site, you need a tripod for the studio shots you take. Pictures of items and products will look much more professional when shot with a steady hand and at the right angles. The Zomei 55” Compact Tripod gives you just what you are seeking, allowing you to extend to nearly five feet. The compact tripod is lightweight and easy to carry around so you can take it wherever you go.

Battery Grip

Canon T6i battery grip accessory

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Sometimes having a little extra can help, and many photographers today love the idea of the battery grip so that they have the extra battery at their disposal to get longer shooting time. While there are plenty of third-party products for sale that offer this feature, to make sure you get something perfectly made for your T6i, you want to invest in a battery grip. The grip gives you two times the battery slots for more life and lets you get a better grip on your camera.

ExpertShield Screen Protector

Canon T6i screen protector

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Anything that gets on your screen can be an annoyance and cause problems for you with your pictures and video. Investing in a screen protector is a great idea to help prevent scratches, and the ExpertShield Screen Protector does the job well for you. The protector is pre-cut to fit your screen exactly and is made of a special gel solution so that it will last longer than those flimsy, cheap protectors you often find. Throw in their no-scratch and no-bubble guarantee, and you will never have to worry about how your screen looks.

Flash Trigger

Wireless Flash Trigger

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While you love having a flash for your camera, having one you can use off your camera is even a greater feature. The Altura Photo Flash Trigger is the great option you are looking for, giving you the ability to use an external flash for your camera up to 100 feet away from the camera itself. You can get much better control over the lighting for your photos this way. As a bonus, this trigger gives you a wireless trigger option so you can take photos without being next to the camera. It can be perfect for you when shooting those social media videos or pictures you want to be in yourself.

Pixel N3 Shutter Remote Control

Shutter Remote Control for Canon T6i

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If you are into taking pictures where you need longer shutter speeds, such as for stop-motion animation or taking photos of fireworks, the Pixel N3 Shutter Remote Control is a great accessory to get. You can get the long precision exposures that you may need without having to have your finger constantly on the camera, freeing you up to do your photos just the way you want.

Rocket Air Blasters

Rocket Air Blasters

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Cleaning your camera helps to keep it working its best and looking great, and while there are many options out there today, the Rocket Air Blasters are a great investment for you. They quickly remove the dust and debris from UV filters, lenses, and camera sensors so that you never have to worry about build-up. You can quickly and easily keep your cameras clean without worry.

Having the right Canon T6i accessories for your camera will help make your pictures and videos that much better. Finding the best items for the best deals can give you the capability to get more from your camera so that you see fantastic results.

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